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    Question Which country's ebay market is your favourite?

    That's a question for those used to buy online (not a numerous audience I suppose ).
    Personally,most of the time I use the ebay of the United Kingdom:The selection is rather wide,the Pound is not as strong as it used to be compared to the Euro and one can find items not available at retail,like Unleaded,Cuiron,Casual Friday,Havana,Havana Reserva etc.
    Concernig the italian ebay,it seems to be more focused to local items:from there I got a few Trussardi scents,Pontaccio 21 by Ferre,Vendetta by Valentino,Theorema Uomo by Fendi,Roccobarocco Joint.Carolina Herrera Sensual Vetiver must be the only non-italian item I ever got!
    Fewer where my buys from the USA,since the shipping may take more than a month and then there are the customs...Remarkable purchases were Hugo Boss Sport,and Tommy Bahama scents,or Purple Label by R-L.
    Germany's ebay does have on offer some rare,discontinued items,but most of the time their prices are irrational...The language barrier is another problem for me.Till now,my only acquisition was Statement by Etienne Aigner.
    Well,what about you?
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    Default Re: Which country's ebay market is your favourite?

    Probably for the reasons you give above and the selection, the US ebay - shipping can really add up.

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    Default Re: Which country's ebay market is your favourite?

    Almost always on US eBay, but sometimes on UK as well. I also search the French and German sites occasionally - sometimes you can find non-export SL listed there that don't show up on the US/UK sites, and they generally have quite a good selection of the export line as well - but the expensive shipping is always what kills the deal for me. But for someone who lives in Greece, I wouldn't expect it to be as bad. Also, many sellers in the European Union only accept bank transfers for payment, and not PayPal, which is also a deal-breaker for me.

    Maybe it will help you, discovolante, to know how to ask "How much is shipping to Greece?" Combien font les frais de livraison pour la Grèce? Wie hoch sind die Versandkosten nach Griechenland?
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    Default Re: Which country's ebay market is your favourite?

    The English one...but also Italy, as in many EU countries,n we have problem at the custom for items which comes from extra usually i prefer not to buy from USA....also if I buy the same and pay lot of overtaxes....
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    Default Re: Which country's ebay market is your favourite?

    For fragrance, I buy solely from the USA on eBay. Just not worth the hassle/cost of overseas transactions.

    I buy a fair number of books from the UK on eBay. But still mostly USA.
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