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    Default Modern Fragrances for Men

    I would like to know what you perceive to be modern or even futurist style fragrances.
    Cutting edge stuff.

    It's up to you to decide what this means (i.e. Post-Modern, Retro-Punk, New Wave, Blade Runner, Clockwork Orange, Star Trek, etc.)

    If you have any ideas, please post.

    Thank you.
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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    perhaps it's an obvious choice, but ultra-violet man (as the name suggests) does indeed have a rather android feeling to it, deliberately and intruigingly synthetic. i'm not sure it's 'cutting edge', but (were it not so commonplace) i think it would have a somewhat cult following if it were a niche release. like techno music made olfactory, perhaps.

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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    CdG has a good range of fragrances that are far from conventional. I am looking forward to explore a few of those, such as garage, tar and others.
    I think the aquatic invasion will be hard to leave behind and the 80s powerhouse will never have a come back. Perhaps the future is the anti-fragrance, synthetic smells.
    Truth is that fragrances are just like food, somethings change but we always like the traditional and keep going back to the same habits.
    The fragrance world seems to evolve or change at a very slow rate, the change is never total but mixed

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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    I'd give Etat Libre d'Orange the 'edge' award. They are modern punks in the sense they set out to destroy things that came before them while still playing the original game. CB I Hate Perfume is very good at this game, too. But then you have the return to luxury camp, like Frederick Malle, which in its own, constipated way, is very modern.
    Guerlain, with their constant riffing on Apres l'Ondee, seem to be sensual post-modern. Insolence EdP is, perhaps, their ultimate cutting edge fragrance, a vulgar tribute to classical beauty.
    What doesn't read as modern is anyone who isn't working with a heavy dose of irony and historical reference. Creed, Armani, for example.
    CdG and Theirry Mugler seem to have lost their edge. Gaultier is still challenging, but his raw materials are not so interesting.
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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    Thierry Mugler - Angel Men !

    Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male !
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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    Well I suppose by one definition of "modern," that would be the fragrances that contain huge amounts of the dreaded ISO E Super, such as Terre d'Hermes, CdG Kyoto, CdG Jaisalmer, and Encre Noire.

    And that would make molecule01 the most modern fragrance of all!

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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    Definitely alot of the Comme Des Garcons line.
    The bottles of escentric molecules, and minimalism of the scent descriptions, might be what you're after.

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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    And also, I think the fragrance world, along with most consumer goods, will not follow this Bladerunner/clockwork Orange/1984/5th element type of futurism...I think consumer goods, especially cosmetics and fragrance, will increasingly tend towards the natural/green/organic style/appeal.

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    Default Re: Modern Fragrances for Men

    Thanks for your input!

    I'm very nostalgic and like to look at eras like the WWII and Victorian/Edwardian ages with rose colored glasses but at the same time I'd like to look forward to a punk/noir type future attitude.
    I believe that trying different and unique things keeps one young. Like the 80's, I hope to live through another period of fun and optimism.

    I was looking at Ultraviolet Man and Encre Noire as possible contenders. I'll keep my nose open.
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