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    I wore Terre today.
    Just an hour ago I saw the bottle without the cap. I looked all over for it, damn it, nowhere to be found. I gave up and I got really crossed (I am peculiar about boxes, cap, cleaned bottles)
    I was watching TV and all the sudden it hit me! There is no cap on my 50ml bottle, but just a permanent black cap that screws up and down. duh!!!!
    (the cap was screwed in down position)
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    hehehehehehe you are just like me

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    been there, done that! ;-)

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    Same on the 100 ml bottle too!
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    I don't get how this is any sort of discussion?
    That said, maybe the twist-down-top is some sort of 'device' created by Hermes to stop dumb people wasting the TdH
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