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    Default AdP Colonia Intensa: questions

    Now, before I ask about Colonia Intensa, let me paint the scenario:

    Due to financial reasons and the fact that I want to keep a small wardrbobe, I can really only justify one lemon scent in my wardrobe for now (that will change in time, I am sure ).

    Now, I might be able to get a bottle of Fraiche Badiane quite cheaply, but I don't have much time to make my decision. I have tested Fraiche Badiane and quite enjoy it's lemon and anise over herbs approach. Someone said it's like Eau Sauvage with a bit of Kouros mixed in and I'd have to agree. The depth of this citrus scent should make it wearable year round.

    One other scent I was considering was Art of Shaving's Lemon EdT, which I really like but find it a perhaps a bit too light/plain to keep extended interest. I'm going to give that another wearing ASAP, as I've only given it one full wearing so far.

    I've been meaning to test Colonia Intensa too but dont' think I can get a sample in time. I tend to really like Alberto Morillas' work (Versace PH, worked on M7, Mugler Cologne), and I really enjoy the original AdP Colonia but find it a bit.. just not me, I guess. A bit stuffy and dated. I still consider it a masterpiece, but just don't feel the need to own any more than a decant of it. After reading the reviews and description of Intensa, it sounds really amazing and now I don't know if I should hold off on the Fraiche Badiane or not.

    All of that said, just how spicy/woody/smoky is Intensa? How does it compare to Fraiche Badiane in the spicy/herby area (I note that Intensa has mugwort listed in the heart notes, which could make it fairly herbally/green, although nobody really mentions that in the reviews so I'm assuming it's a minor note).

    What kind of longevity do you get out of Intensa? How would you rate it on the casual/formal spectrum? Do you feel it's a year round scent or does it really only fare well in certain seasons, and if so, which?
    Does it smell as natural as the original AdP Colonia, or more synthetic like many designer citrus scents?

    Any other thoughts or comparisons are welcome and appreciated! Thanks.

    edit: Was just thinking, if you own or have tried Intensa, and have tried Versace PH, how do they compare? That may be the most telling as they are both by Morillas.
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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Intensa: questions

    I nearly bought Intensa, without trying it when I luckily stumbled upon a cheap decant of Intensa. I have both Colonia & Colonia Assoluta and I can tell you that I don't think Intensa is anywhere in the league of its older siblings. It has a woody, spicy opening and quickly settles down to a musky accord. The musk is too overbearing for me and it really ruins this fragrance for me.

    As for longevity, I get maximum longevity from Assoluta. Both Colonia & Intensa have average longevity and below average sillage on me.

    I don't think Intensa can be called a 'lemon' fragrance at all. The citrus in this is muted and is clearly overshadowed by a lot of woods. If it is 'lemon' that you seek, you'd have to stick to the original Colonia if you want one from this house.

    Ofcourse you have several other choices from various houses if you are looking for a lemon scent.

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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Intensa: questions

    Intereseting. A number of reviews talk about the opening being a sort of fizzy lemon/ginger, before proceeding to the spices and woods.

    Do you find that even though there isn't a distinct lemon note that there is still a 'citrus aura' that extends at least into and perhaps through the heartnotes, or does it become all spice/woods/musk?

    Do you get any leather at all in the drydown?

    I'm not necessarily stuck on it being a lemon scent through and through - I'd like a nice lemony opening and a 'citrus aura' (interpret that as you will) to extend at least throughout the heartnotes. Something like Iskander perhaps, although more lemony. Or Neroli Sauvage, but less soapy (and more lemon instead of neroli!).

    Art of Shaving's Lemon does have a nice and light, fizzy lemon opening that is playful but avoids being juvenile with a nice woody backdrop. It's really the heart and base of it that leave me a bit bored. Too linear, I think. For my ultra-light, sheer, "this wouldn't be cloying in desert heat" summer scent I'm going to pick up a bottle of Sanguine Muskissime, so I'd like my lemony scent to have a bit of depth.
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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Intensa: questions

    Well, the opening maybe kind of citrusy for some moments. But then woody, musky, I didn't like it at all. I have Assoluta, which IS a very nice citrus scent. I highly recommend it instead of Intensa.

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    Default Re: AdP Colonia Intensa: questions

    I'll probably end up ordering a sample of assoluta when I get the intensa sample. Hopefully it will be the first JCE creation that I really enjoy.
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