It’s Week 46 of SotW and we hit some new highs and came close to a new low, read on to see where this week’s peaks and valleys were. We set a new record for total posts this week with 1,349 posts. That beat the previous record, set in Week 36, by 56 wears. You guys teased me all week as in 46 weeks of posting we have had only one day of over 200 posts. This past week we came close every day starting on Monday with 199 posts, Tuesday 198 posts, Wednesday 199 posts, Thursday 195 posts, and Friday 190 posts. Can’t say I was shocked to see this was a record-breaking week. 734 different scents were posted, 62 of these for the first time. 470 were posted just one time for an individuality index of 34.8%. The individuality index was just 0.1% off the all-time low in Week 39. There seems to be a correlation to high wear total and low individuality indexes. We’ve had seven weeks of greater than 1,200 wears and the index has ranged from a high of 38.0% to 34.7% with the average for those seven weeks being 36.5%. The overall index average is 40.1%. You can see that there is a pretty big difference although these lower indexes we’ve been seeing as of late are bringing down the index on a weekly basis. This week was a top ten of double digits as in if you didn’t have at least ten wears this week you were off the charts. No single community wearer was going to place a scent this week.
It was a huge week for the big 5 as they take six of the top 10 slots. Guerlain led the way once again with 119 wears over 36 scents. Habit Rouge tied for second followed by Heritage in a fourth place tie and L’Heure Bleue tied for seventh. The biggest surprise from Guerlain is no Vetiver in the top ten for the second week in a row. Chanel follows up a huge week last week with another one with 66 wears over 19 scents led by Coromandel in the group tied for seventh. Serge Lutens came close to taking the second spot but fell just short with 63 wears over 22 scents. Chergui led the charge and ended up tied for second. Fourth place, finally getting out of the basement, is Hermes which had its biggest week since Week 38 with 47 wears over 15 scents. Terre D’Hermes posts its second consecutive 15 wear week. Last week the ladies’ support of Annayake Miyako kept it out of first, this week there was no such event and Terre D’Hermes rises to take back the crown. Hermes had more wears this week than the last two weeks combined. That leaves Creed in the unusual position of placing fifth among the big 5 with 46 wears over 21 scents. Bois du Portugal had the most wears but not enough to make the top ten as it was only good enough for a tie for thirteenth. The big 5 totals for the week were 341 wears (25.3%) over 113 (15.4%) scents. Think about that number as this week one out of every four scents we wore as a community came from one of five houses.
There is a House that I probably should have been tracking like I do the big 5 and that’s Yves St. Laurent. Yves St. Laurent places two scents in the top ten this week on a House total of 50 wears over 15 scents. Rive Gauche pour Homme tied for fourth and M7 tied for seventh. Add Yves St. Laurent to the big 5 and the totals you get are 391 (29.0%) wears over 128 (17.4%) scents. These six houses dominated the Week 46 landscape. Two other Houses had up weeks as Acqua di Parma had its biggest week since Week 25 and Annick Goutal had a much higher week than average. A number of houses had down weeks. Armani only had five wears for the week, Burberry also only had five wears as the London for Men winning streak comes to a screeching halt with only one wear for the one-time top ten stalwart. Calvin Klein, Givenchy and Ralph Lauren all saw their totals significantly below their House averages this week.
The remaining two scents in the top ten are a regular and an occasional entry. The regular is Dior Homme which tied for fourth. The occasional is Knize Ten which had its biggest wear week ever powering it into a tie for seventh.
Top Ten for January 10th- 16th, 2009.
1.) Hermes Terre D’Hermes 15 wears (1.1%)
2.) Guerlain Habit Rouge 12 wears (0.9%)
2.) Serge Lutens Chergui 12 wears (0.9%)
4.) Dior Homme 11 wears (0.8%)
4.) Guerlain Heritage 11 wears (0.8%)
4.) Yves St. Laurent Rive Gauche pour Homme 11 wears (0.8%)
7.) Chanel Coromandel 10 wears (0.7%)
7.) Guerlain L’Heure Bleue 10 wears (0.7%)
7.) Knize Ten 10 wears (0.7%)
7.) Yves St. Laurent M7 10 wears (0.7%)

The just missed list is very short this week as there were only two scents one wear out of the top ten and they were both Guerlains, Jicky and Vetiver. We have to go all the way down to five wears and a tie for 28th to find the top new scent this week and it’s also a Guerlain, Guerlain Homme. That gives Guerlain five of the top twelve scents and the top new scent, more evidence of the strength and breadth of Guerlain as a House. Versace pour Homme was one wear behind with four wears to finish second in the new scent race.
Quite a week here in the accounting department of Basenotes. I’m looking forward to the last six weeks to see what new insights they’ll bring.
As always, you keep wearing ‘em and I’ll keep counting ‘em
Have a well-fragranced week.