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    Default Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Currently, I use the Jurlique line, and its fine. I also have been using Renergie (Lancome) night R.A.R.E. most nights to combat dryness, and I am pleased enough. I like the smell more than anything.

    But.... I was watching the house of a friend and I dipped into her cost-prohibitive La Prarie caviar line, for a few days, and my skin changed before my eyes. No dryness, it was plumped and smooth and waxen (in a great way). People commented without provocation.
    It was surreal, but I cannot afford a four hundred dollar night creme!!
    But I want something better than the Lancome now. And I think the just one product change could help, since night creme seems the most beneficial.

    any suggestions??? any websites?I'm intimidated by taking this query to sephora, as i am sooo suggestible.

    I'd like to stay in the 100 dollar range, and i try to make these last.

    I'm 36, post-menopausal,thick dry skin, patches of discoloration, pale, olive skin.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    I have a couple sample sachets of Chanel Precision Rectifiance Intense Nuit (night cream), and it seems to be one of the best I've tried so far (even better than some of Chanel's other offerings). It isn't cheap, either, but it is not $400. Chanel does have a very luxe line also (Sublimage), and I am using samples since the serum is $350 for 1 oz. I like the serum very much, but YIKES, the price!

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    This may be out of left field, but you might want to give Nancy Boy Ultramarine Night Cream a try. It's good stuff...marketed to men, but the scent is light and pretty neutral and you're wearing it at night anyway. I use several of their products and they are all top notch.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Have you - seriously - tried the night creme of the Aldi or Lidl? It came out as best in a consumer test featuring many upscale brands like Clinique, Vichy, Biotherm, Lancome etc.
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    Wanted: L' Artisan Timbuktu or Fragonard Concerto

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    I know most people get hung up on price, etc. for their moisturizers and face products, but more often than not, there are no differences between the fancy stuff and the drugstore stuff. If you want more information, check out (which is Paula Begoun's website). It has a lot of information. If you want a free 2-day trial, register (as if you were going to pay) and use the code "cityline". I learned a lot from her sites (you can also check out the articles on her other site for free - You have to take some of it for what it's worth, but it's a good place to start. You can also check out reviews and ask questions on

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    My picks all under $20 - for heavy duty, night time only Mary Kay Extra Emollient Nighttime Moisturizer, it looks like orange vaseline, but works great for really dry skin. Weleda Skin Food is another option that can be used day or night as long as you aren't sensitive to any of their ingredients, it has arnica which is very healing, lanolin and other moisturizers. Last pick if the other two are too heavy for you and it is considered the drug store version of La Mer, Alba Sea Plus Renewal cream. Can easily be used day or night. I'd also suggest if your skin is up to it using a exfoliant on a regular basis, either mask or scrub. That will help get rid of the dead skin and help any moisturizer you choose absorb better.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    For the most part I agree with the price thing: I love low-cost lines: Weleda and Jurlique -- Dr. Hauschka, too.. As long as its not primarily glycerin or Mineral oil-based. But the La Prarie experience really threw me for a loop!

    I will have to try the Aldi! Who knew they were doing skincare? I love Aldi, and I grew up with it, I think it's great.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Nancy Boy "Marine Cream". $45 for 2 oz & SWMBO informs me that it's every bit as good
    as "like" goop that runs up to $450.

    And a no-questions asked money back guarantee.

    Nancy Boy is a great company with many superb products for both men & women.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Ok im checking out nancy boy.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    I have worked in the industry for over 20 years, and have had my pick of hundreds of cremes. I have used; Guerlain, Lancome, Christian Dior, La Prairie, Orlane, Stendhal, Clarins, Germaine Monteil, Lancaster, Method Jeanne Piaubert, Galenic, Vichy, YSL, Shiseido, Givenchy, Valmont, Clé de Peau, Weleda, Ann Marie Borlind, Helena Rubenstein, Leirac, Chanel, Yon-Ka and Sisley. I probably missed a couple, but you see I have tried many lines.

    I have very dry, sensitive skin, and I suffer from eczéma also.

    The 4 top product, in my humble opinion, are;

    Yon-Ka - Elastine Nuit
    Chanel- Hyramaxx riche
    Guerlain- Super Aqua-Serum
    Helena Rubenstein- Hydro-Urgency
    Givenchy-Skin Drink

    I am currently using the Yon-Ka line, and it seems to have worked miracles for my skin, and it is not the most expensive. It lasts for a very long time and it is very concentrated.

    Good luck
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser à sa source

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Brielle, that's a great reply!
    I thank you. May I ask about Decleor?
    I have a freind reccomending it to me...
    And it is affordable. And it smells so great.

    Have you tried it?

    I haven't even see n Yonka. I am going to check that out, too.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Dear Hillaire, I can kindly recommend Decleor line, I have been using it for certain period of time and am very satisfied, especially with day cream Nutri Delice and the lune Excellence de l´age - both day ad eye creams. I am 47 with dry skin and slightly fatty T zone. For dry-skin area, this line is perfect. Plus try the essence oils - I have Angelica oil, very aromatic and nourishing.
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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Alicka, thanks. I lived in Basel briefly as a child. and I still love Basilisks.

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    Hillaire. I think Decleor is a great line also, and many thanks to Alicka for giving you a great testimonial. I have used the Hydra-Floral range from Decleor, and it was very lovely; eye crème-gel in particular. But in the cold of winter my skin always needed more; I have horribly dry parched skin in winter. This is the reason I am now using Yon-Ka, it just seems to work magic for me. The Chanel has also been very reliable during the winter.

    Let me know what works for you.
    Quand on boit l'eau, il faut penser à sa source

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    Default Re: Advice for Night Creme splurge

    I use the Eminence Organics skin care line and Avalon Organics Vitamin C serum.

    Even if you do decide to choose another moisturizer, their face masques are awesome.

    Tip: If you find an super expensive night cream that works on your skin, check out the ingredients on the label and see if you can find a comparable product for less. Often, the higher end lines copy things found in health food stores or you can find other equivalents.

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