Teen Spirit? Well, no. I just picked up a gift set from TJMaxx for $28.00, along with 6 bottles of their "Warrior" concentrated shower gels for $4.00 apiece (that's a whopping $18.50 savings for each one).

Anyway, when I first sprayed this, I didn't like it. Somewhere in its spicy heart-notes I smelled a scent I had a number of years ago that I didn't care much for and evidently got rid of. Problem is, I've been racking my brain trying to figure out which scent it was.

I've since sprayed it a few more times and have grown to like it a bit more for what it is, nothing shattering, yet, the similarities still linger, especially with the greenish/fresh top notes and spicy heart. The basenotes are a bit different, but there's one note in particular that is somewhat off-putting that I didn't care for in the other fragrance.

For some reason, it seems like Emporio Armani's He or Night He is the scent I'm thinking of. Anybody else think so?