I was told by a fellow BNer that I might not like the YSL M7 decant I'd like because it's "not good for the hot weather" in Australia now. I of course appreciated his advice, but was puzzled by that remark and thought about it.

I believe this is based on the premise in the West that something perceived as lighter like Aquatics or Aromatic Fougeres are for warm weather and that heavier like Orientals or Woody Orientals are for cold weather.

But isn't it ironic that the perceived-as-heavy notes like frankincense, incense, amber, patchouli, sandalwood, or gourmandy like vanilla etc. originated and are worn in hot regions like the Middle East/India/SE Asia? So if those people can wear it OK, and they have to live with it everyday, why do we call them "warm weather scent?"

As such, the cold-weather vs warm-weather dichotomy is simply a cultural fragrance construct in the modern West and nowhere else?