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    Default American Beauty by DSH?

    Still looking for rose perfume for my wife and, thanks to the post with all the sample sites, discovered American Beauty by DSH listed on a site as the ultimate rose (my words because I forgot the exact description used). At any rate, I cannot find any information in Basenotes about it, even using the search engine. Did I miss something? Does anyone have any comments on this fragrance? Thanks for your help, John

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    Default Re: American Beauty by DSH?

    I think that I have gotten too caught up in my quest. If only one site carries it and the maker only lists it in a 2003 sample kit, logic would say that this is not as great as I had hoped. Thanks for listening. Maybe I will have a more sensible request for help later.

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    Default Re: American Beauty by DSH?

    hello john, I don't know about the perfume you mention, but if your wife loves rose scents, I could recommend sampling some of the offereings from Parfums de la Rosine, and searching the forums for some of the rose threads, there have been a few.
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    Default Re: American Beauty by DSH?

    John, the American Beauty is very nice, but by no means the last word in rose scents. You have so many wonderful options -- perhaps do some sampling from a range of houses.

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