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    Default Sprayer's remorse?

    You ever wish you'd put on a different scent for the day?

    What do you do then? Take a shower or tough it out? Or layer? : o
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    Default Re: Sprayer's remorse?

    yes....I "tough" it out. Kouros, I loathe and love thee!

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    Default Re: Sprayer's remorse?

    I try not to obsess about it. I say to myself "the die is cast" for the day. And then I try to discover some facet about the scent that I didn't know of before. You know, silk purse, sow's ear.

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    Default Re: Sprayer's remorse?

    Nah...I've had a lot of days where I am not happy with my Sotd, yet its never been that bad that I had to go take a shower....Instead I try to live with it...its just a day....and sometimes I spray some of my favorite cologne on my wrist so that I can keep sniffing that and ignore the Sotd as such......

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    Default Re: Sprayer's remorse?

    Yeah, esp when I put on something sweet, which is always a bit of a stretch for me. I think ACK!, I should have just gone with Rive Gauche pour Homme or some other old reliable.

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