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    I have had a bottle of cristalle sitting in my cupboard for a while now and I pulled it out today (tomorrow #5) to revisit it.
    As I suspected I still do like it but my novice nose is curious now that I am becoming more aware of scents what that first whiff is! I think (not really sure) that its this correct? It really does have a unique smell through & through but I do like the dry down the best.
    Can anyone pin point for me the possible note I detect that is so prominent?


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    Yep. Vetiver, even though it is a base note, comes through to me strongly in the top of a perfume. It is dry, tangy, and woody.
    Other notes I get from Cristalle are peach (or melon) for the fruit, and I think there is some spice in there, too, probably cumin.
    Please read this, about the difference between the EDT and EDP:

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    I think its the parfume i have i'll have to check but yes, It is VERy strong for about the 1st 30mins but there is just something I adore about this frag. Actually its my 2nd bottle I've had of it in the past 10yrs or so .
    Thanks for the links they were very helpful.
    You hit what I couldnt figure out...woodys & dry. im suprised the reviews are not so great with this scent. I was kind of perplexed on that lol

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