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  • I'd buy the bottle unsniffed and get 5 free samples. If I don't like it, I can sell or swap it.

    9 36.00%
  • I'd buy samples of things I'd like to try! Sample sample sample!

    16 64.00%
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    Default A Quick Poll: Blind Buy Order w/ Free Samples OR Order Just Samples

    Pretend you have $100.

    You can use it two ways.

    A. Spend $100 on a full bottle of a scent you are quite sure you'd like, but have never sniffed, but also think that will be easy to sell off. (e.g. Chergui, LDDM) If you go with this route, you will also get 3-5 free samples.


    B. Order samples of everything you'd like to try out. With 100, you will get about 28 1.5-2.5ml spray samples from FIF.

    Which would you choose?

    I like "option three" the most -- which is to buy a bottle of a scent you love, and also get free samples. (But no, you can't choose that )

    I am curious about what most people would choose -- because I think this is what stops many people from going with route B, which IMO is actually the best way to discover treasures that you still haven't discovered yet.
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