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    Talking Hay absolute, YUM!

    I've been working with my new bottle of hay absolute and it is such a delightful scent. Of course, I grew up half rural so it is familiar and pleasant to me, but I find it one of the best absolutes around. Has anyone else worked with it? What do you mix it with? I've found rose, or galbanum, are lovely with it. Though frankly it's nice just on its own. I've got my first batch of a proper fougere brewing, and hay with lavender and tonka and green herbs really is heavenly.
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    I've got a sample of hay absolute, but have only done a preliminary dilution and sniff. It's very messy stuff to work with (very gooey with a lot of crud to filter out), that's probably why I haven't used it in a blend yet.

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    i found oakmoss note in my hay absolute from Liberty

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    ive got 1 ml of hay abs nd i love smelling it out of the bottle! but i havent got around to experimenting yet, but your blend sounds lovley

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    Hay absolute really isn't difficult to work with, at least not in my experience, and is quite versatile. I've used it together with tobacco, coumarin and some green and floral notes in my perfume Carolina. Most recently I've used it with mitti attar, immortelle absolute, and nerone in a dry grass accord.
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