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    Default Best under eye creams (UK)?

    Hi. I'm relatively new to the expanding world of male grooming. Recently I started using under eye cream, because I've always had bags under my eyes. One problem I've had, which I think has been partly caused by the under eye cream and exacerbated by the cold weather, is that the skin above my eyes has become quite dry, so I've been using (normal) moisturizer on it. I'd like to find an under eye cream which doesn't have this effect, uses natural ingredients (I tend to use Bulldog products) and isn't too expensive. At the moment I'm using Boots No 7 Anti-Fatigue Eye Stick, which does the job reasonably well and it is handy having the thing in a stick, but I'd like to find something with more natural ingredients which doesn't dry out the above-eye skin, and is readily available in the UK. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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    Yonka for men its great and wont make ur eyes look lighter than ur face and really makes u look frech and bright

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    Default Re: Best under eye creams (UK)?

    Biotherm under eye serum is amazing.

    - Al

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    Default Re: Best under eye creams (UK)?

    The best I used was

    Clinique Daily Eye Hydrator
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