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Thread: Getting Samples

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    Default Getting Samples

    What is the best or easiest way to get samples mailed to you? Do you call the manufacturer, or a store? Or what?


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    Default Re: Getting Samples

    Most perfume sites (such as luckyscents) have sample programs they can be pricey and the samples they give you are technicly decants, to get manufacturer samples I would reccomend befriending you're local department store SA, they carry samples direct from the manufacturer. The best deal out there is probably Histories des Perfumes sample pack, you get 12 samples for only 5 euros + 5 euros for shipping, it's one of the last great deals out there.
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    Default Re: Getting Samples

    If you don't mind paying, is awesome for trying out new things, and their support is great too.

    For other sampler packs, the Parfums de Rosine website has a nice deal too, I think 17 euros for 18 2ml vials, shipping included.

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