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    Arrow Let's get that nose working!

    Over the past year ever since I became interested in perfumes I have noticed a change in the way I can smell I feel like i can smell more things more accurately. But I have also noticed that many of you BNers also tell of your expereinces of smelling perfume on people far away from you, I remember reading one post about a BNer going to a train station and being able to identify what other commuters where wearing. My problem is that I can't identify what others are wearing from afar. Are there any kind of "nose exercises" that I could do to get my nose to smell things from far away, because I think that would be really cool to I guess "scent watch" instead of people watch at lunch or in an airport.
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    I would love to develop that skill too, lightgreen. Unfortunately, there are so many fragrances on the market that I find it virtually impossible to achieve what you're proposing (with the obvious exception of scents that are so unique that there's no mistaking them for anything else). I think the best way to hone your skill in identifying fragrances on other people is to go up and ask folks what they're wearing, which is a skill in itself IMO.

    I'm looking forward to reading others' responses to your question.
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    Default Re: Let's get that nose working!

    Yes. When I guess I'm never right.

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    Post Re: Let's get that nose working!

    Interesting thread. I'm not in the habit of asking people what their wearing, now having said that it is fun trying to guess what their wearing.I have no idea how many times I'm right, or I'm wrong, but it is fun trying to guess. I have a habit of doing that alot, and I do so for probably the oddest reason. I will look at how a person is dressed, and try to match the cost of their fragrance to the cost of their apperal. I guess just a little quirk I have. Just a little game I play.
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    Default Re: Let's get that nose working!

    I've only lucked out a couple of times on distinctive fragrances. I've smelled some really good stuff, but most of the time, I don't get what it is. My best success was Bulgari Black on a woman at work. Unmistakable. I know I got another one recently, but I forgot what it was. Another thing that helps me is that my wife always makes me guess her fragrance in the morning. If I catch it soon after application, the top notes help a lot. Unfortunately, she likes violet frags, so a lot of her stuff smells very, very similar. But the exercise has helped quite a bit, and I'm getting to where I can usually get it right.

    Something I do at the stores when I sample is to not label the test strips, and then mix them up as I add more of them to my hand. I'll cycle through them until I can identify them, then go on and add a frag to my poker hand of test strips. I'll lay them back out on the edge of the counter in some order as I identify them, then add a new frag, mix them up, and try again. These sorts of exercises really help me. I've gotten to the point where I don't feel that I need to label - unless I'm doing reviews, and then I think it's imperative to take every precaution when testing on paper to give a fair review - just as if it were a medical or forensic sample.

    My "nose" is definitely getting more sensitive. [When I say that, I really mean my ability to discern information with my nose - not the ability of the nose itself.] My wife was shocked recently when I smelled a slight off-note in something. But it's still not nearly as sensitive as a lot of the people here. I can usually pick out the top three notes in a composition, but little beyond that. Some of the reviews here show that people are picking up things at maybe 10-fold higher sensitivity or beyond. Whether that's the nose itself or perception training, I'm not sure.
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    Default Re: Let's get that nose working!

    One thing I've found that seems to always be the case now (more than a year into this), is that I can identify most frags (or very similar ones), but it takes 15 minutes or so for my mind to make the connection. It's almost like an unconscious thing, where I have to let my mind do it's thing on it's own. Today I wore U Ungaro Him, for example, and I knew it was very similar to something. Later in the day I realized it was an almost identical drydown to Samba Sexy Man.

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