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    Question One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    I'm wanting to order another batch of samples and before I do, does anyone have a suggestion for frags that "take you away to another place" or transport you? What I mean by that is some perfumes are so strange or haunting even that they seem to take to you to some exotic place and the scents conjure up the sights of that place. So it's like a double bonus: you get the olfactory journey and the mental (visual in your head) one as well. Some that did that for me were Fumerie Turque (fire in the woods), Luctor et Emergo (cool wind, dry fields and cherry orchard), Tabac Blond (whole different era on that one). I don't necessarily want to end up buying these but I was so taken with them that I appreciate what they did for me in the end. It would be nice to find one that mystifies me as these did that I can also enjoy enough to buy a full bottle of. I'm looking for the journey, the unusual, the daring. Anyone have suggestions? I like the ones that take me out of my little world on to something new. Lasting power would be nice as well. I like the ones that project a little and last. ~Tara
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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    One of the best examples of theis is the Un Jardin series by Hermes.

    Un Jardin en Mediterranee
    Un Jardin sur le Nil
    Un Jardin Apres le Mousson

    All of these were designed by JC Ellena after spending time in these places and trying to make an olfactory recreation of them.

    Another scent that does a great job of this, for me, but it might be a little strong is L'Artisan Timbuktu.
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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    A friend of mine says that Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien makes her think of being on the deck of Ari Onassis' yacht on the Mediterranean with the scent of the citrus groves wafting over the bow.

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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    Great question!
    A scent that creates an image for me is Rainforest by Ayala Moriel. It is a powerful, dark-green scent, somewhat brooding. It suggests to me the paintings of the Canadian artist Emily Carr, who depicted dark moody forests with swirling green colours and mythic totem poles.
    Once, I walked through such a forest path which led to some totem poles. I had left behind the road and was completely surrounded by trees. Suddenly overhead, I heard the sound of incredibly large wings flapping. I instantly looked up... but due to the dense high trees I could not see what it was. An owl might be large but they glide. Whatever this was, it madea foosh-foosh sound, like giant sails flapping. It raised the hairs on the back of my head. Then the totem poles came into view, and I was alone in the forest clearing.
    That is where Rainforest takes me!

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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    Oh, you should take a look at this thread.

    I can't say that any fragrance takes me to anyplace I've never been and only imagined. He Wood by Dsquared reminds me of the tennis and swimming club I hung out at as a kid. Everything was new, fresh wood-- the restaurant, the locker rooms, the club house, the tiki bars. So it makes me feel youthful and carefree. Amarige takes me back to some fierce clubbing days, er, nightclubs not baby seals. It was a restless and intense period for me; fun but I'm glad it's behind me so I don't crave this one. Straightforward patchouli reminds me of one of my very best friends who always wore it. He's back in Florida, so I miss him and feel a mix of happiness and nostalgia when I catch a whiff.
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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    Yeah, Un Jardin Sur le Nil especially if you read the Chandler Burr piece in the New Yorker about the development of the fragrance. Where you find out what you already suspected about the ways in which these things are fictionalized. The story ends up being as much about the resourcefulness of a very fine and willfull perfumer in creative struggle with the bigwigs at Hermes as about the smells of the Nile. But it's very funny and a good and interesting story.
    Andy Tauer's L'Air du Desert Marocain is also a great imaginary journey to North Africa. You can imagine you're in a Paul Bowles novel.

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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    Great ideas, guys! I'll look into those. See this is what I mean. You all really know your stuff and I have so much to learn from you! I love basenotes!

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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    I think that Neil Morris is a perfumer who is particularly good at this. Perhaps too good. While Bond no.9 does "New York" scents that vaguely hint at a story, it's just enough for marketing to hook into, but not so much as to risk a loss on the balance sheet. Not so Neil Morris. Many of his scents are unabashedly derived from a place or a story that he uses for inspiration, and he puts the pedal to the metal to get there.

    Spectral Violet - based on a ghost story, violets and dank stone halls - some find it weirdly beautiful, others horrifying
    Northwoods - surrealistic pine - you don't think you can wear it, but you can
    Cafe - you died and went to a French cafe
    Red Sky - another amazing incense-based "air" fragrance (not on the site - pick another sample and note change in comment field)
    Hula - no surprises here Smells so good you want to drink it.

    Check his website - I've only touched on a few of his many fragrances. Just be warned - some of them are "big", and a few (like Cathedral) are virtually unwearable. Whether you interpret him as "bold" (like his fans do) or "rough" (as his critics do) is your choice after trying some samples, which he sells at a reasonable price. Note that many of his more standard scents are highly dynamic between start and finish.
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    Default Re: One more question, fragrances that tell a story

    I like this thread, here's another.
    I took this from my review of Sel de Vetiver -- its a great scent. This is an image more than a story, but here it is...
    The visual impression I have – a strong one – is of sitting on a grassy knoll beside a beach. It is a sunny day, and I’m drinking lemonade. The salty sea breezes, the hay-like scent of the grass, the warm lemons; all combine in that moment.

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