I've been on a hunt to try and merge a couple of my olfactory favorites: Marines and Vetivers.

Sort of hit or miss, but my latest batch of samples included: Fougeres Marines, Acqua di Sale, Sel de Vetiver, Vetiverru, and... just because I wanted to give it another sampling, Maestrale.

Fougeres Marines: I really like this stuff, although... What I liked the most about it was that it reminded me of Erolfa. More specifically, it's the first scent in a longstanding quest of LOOKING for scents similar to Erolfa that actually struck my nose as similar to Erolfa. While I'm giving a big thumbs-up here, I'm also thinking, "I could also just stick with Erolfa." The Montale seems to have a bit better longevity, though.

Acqua di Sale: I've heard so many rave reviews about this one I was excited to give it a try. In the end, though, my own response to it is along the lines of, "Meh." It isn't bad, it just sits far too sweetly on my skin. I just get a 'pricey skin cream' sort of feel from this one.

Sel de Vetiver: While I do really like this, I'm discovering that despite my fondness for Vetiver, I don't have a great nose for picking out -nuances- of vetiver. The note dominates as soon as I detect it, and many of the subtle touches are lost to me. See Also: Vetiverru (The CdG isn't quite as dirty/earthy as the SdV). While I can easily pick out the differences should I have any need to, many of the vetiver scents are in the end interchangeable for me.

Maestrale: I still really like this, and it's quite unlike anything else I've sampled. As much as I enjoy the scent, I am glad I didn't go ahead and get a larger decant/sample. It's not something I can envision myself wearing with any regularity. For me, it's more filling the role of a novelty scent. I'm fascinated by it, and keep sniffing away, though I feel it'd be cloying in a full-blown wear.