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    Default Re: your Holy Grail('s) - from curent collection

    Quote Originally Posted by knightowl View Post
    Forgot to add Montale Attar. Smells great and got three complements on it today .
    That new avatar and this holy grail are quite inspiring, I must admit!
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    'Il mondo dei profumi č un universo senza limiti: una fraganza puo rievocare sensazioni, luoghi, persone o ancora condurre in uno spazio di nuove dimensioni emozionali' L. V.

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    Default Re: your Holy Grail('s) - from curent collection

    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    It was released in a limited edition in the early 1990's, classified as a women's scent (questionable) and it's singular. Best described as refined leather (a la cuir de russie) and florals on a base of soft wood. Sad that it isn't avaiable today. It's nice.
    I forgot to add my other holy grail: Two bottles of Bois Noir (precursor to Egoiste).
    Thnx for tht info Griff!

    Quote Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
    I am a bit different than most of my basenotes brethren. I have a signature scent that I wear most of the time, and have been doing so for a couple of years. Now that doesn't mean that I do not still buy and seek out fragrances, I do. In fact this was the one that inspired my interest in collecting, and sniffing others. I have purchased many since, but none have spoken to me as deeply as Bois du Portugal.

    The reason I enjoy it as much as I do, is that it has all of the fragrance attributes that I love. Lavender, incense, amber, and wood. All of my other fragrances have at least one of these notes, but none other combines them like BdP.
    now thts something! good to know you have a signature scent...

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    Default Re: your Holy Grail('s) - from curent collection

    Quote Originally Posted by GourmandHomme View Post
    Hang on, I thought the Holy Grail perfume is supposed to be something that you'd like but doesn't exist (just like the Holy Grail itself)?

    Sorry I should've said the Dior Homme EDP is a fictional item which I only hoped would exist some time in the future.
    By your screen name, DH Intense should absolutely be your holy grail - if you like cocoa, that is

    But I agree, for me the Holy Grail is something that I want but not yet have. Currently sniffing my Blenheim Bouquet sample, I think thats my HG citrus scent right about now.
    From my current collection I love dearly:
    Dior Homme Intense and Mugler B*Men (tie for the gourmand holy grail)
    Bulgari Aqua (aquatic holy grail)
    YSL Kouros (no words needed)

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