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    Default Eau d'Italie (wow)

    Hi there,

    Do some of you guys know this rather new company, Eau d'Italie ?

    With my last order from Aus liebe zum duft, they sent me, besides my bottles and ordered samples, 3-4 samples from their choice.

    They sent me 2 Eau d'Italie samples. I kind of forgot them since i had so many other samples to test, but found them today in my bag of samples and tried it.

    And honnestly i am very very impressed. Actually it has been quite a while since i had not been that interested in a new line - since Mall if i am not mistaken. I am on the edge of buying their 6 scents directly now, blind ^^ .

    But let s be serious, do any of you know some of their frags ? I ve tried Sienne d'Hiver and Bois d'ombrie, and both are great. Unfortunately my samples are commercial ones, meaning big 2ml samples but without sprayer, so it s a bit weak when you "splash" it. Sienne seems a bit lighter and Bois very potent. They both smell amazing imo.

    Also, the one with rose in the name has got so far 12 positive reviews, none neutral none negative.

    Any thoughts / experience with this house ? About the two i "finally" know and the 4 others ?
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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    I have "Paestum Rose", it gets a lot of compliments, and it lasts all day long on my skin and much much longer on my clothes.

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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    I think this is a truly excellent house. I've tried all four of their starting line, and particularly like Paestum Rose and the Eau D'Italie cologne. They have a new one out too, haven't tried it yet.

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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    I've only tried Paestum Rose, which is terrific. FWIW Chandler Burr also gave it a rave review and it's usually praised by BNers.

    I've long been meaning to try the other scents in the line. My sense is that their latest frag, Baume au Doge, has gotten more negative reviews than their earlier perfumes. However, Vibert seems to like it, which is a big mark in its favor IMO.

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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    Bois d'Hombrie is a daring, sexy juice that's almost pure wood.
    Everyone ought to try it at least once.
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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    Thx for the answers.

    yeah the one i tried that i prefered was bois d hombrie.. is so sexxxxxxxxxy...

    i love it.

    I m very excited about trying paeastum rose now, specially since i LOVE rose frags.

    I think i m gonna order all their 6 fragrances at once. I have not found anything interesting for weeks, even month now !!! I have to get these ^^
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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    Are the samples atomizers or vials? Lafco sells them for $2.50 a pop, including shipping, which is pretty good!
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    If you like the Eau d'Italie scents Roc_Xel, then you should keep your eye out for other perfumes/releases by Bertrand Duchaufour. He created all of the scents, and he also has done a bunch of other scents for other houses that are great also (Jubilation XXV by Amouage, L' Artisan Aedes de Venustas by L'Artisan Parfumeur and Kyoto (Series 3: Incense) by Comme des Garcons to name a few...).

    I personally, don't like Sienne d'Hiver, but Paestum Rose is wonderful. Sample these first though.
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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    sienna hiver or whatever it's called is like a more wearable take on bois dombrie (which I adore). they both are related to Wode the "art" fragrance house. think this line is a better way to go for this neck of the, er, woods... I like the originality of the bottles too, makes em easy to spot. paestum rose excellent also.
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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    Liked Baume au Doge; Magnolia Romana not so much....

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    Default Re: Eau d'Italie (wow)

    All their fragrances are really good. My favorite is Paestum Rose. Fantastic!

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