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    Question How to make hard resin into oil?

    Hi i had frankincense, a pure raw frankincense, I want to make it as oil. I try to liquidize it with oud oil but it's to slow. I try to heat it it still dont go. Any one know how to liquidize this?

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    From Frankincense gum you can produce 2 products - the essential oil and the resinoid. The essential oil is produced by steam distillation of the gum and the resinoid is produced by hydrocarbon solvent extraction. If you wanted to produce an alcohol solution equivalent to having dissolved resinoid in alcohol then you could extract the powdered gum with alcohol and then filter.
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    Liquidize the frankincense resin by mixing with perfumer's alcohol, or, if you want something more oily, cosmetic grade dipropylene glycol.

    Dipropylene glycol can be mixed with alcohol later on if you like.

    Chop the resin up into small pieces before mixing. Place the pieces and the alcohol or dipropylene glycol in a glass or polypropylene container. Submerse the container in hot (just under boiling) water for a few minutes, then shake. Repeat until dissolved. (If you use a polypropylene container you can strike it on a hard surface when you shake. That helps to speed blending.) You can heat the water in the microwave, or use a double boiler.
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    Thanks, NS. I just made a usable copal (black and gold) by grinding the resins to powder, adding perfumer's alcohol, letting it steep overnight, and (very slowly) filtering it through a coffee filter. I've been wanting to add a copal note to several recipes for a year. Now I can do it! I am going to try the same technique with my sandarac resin.
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