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    Default Timberline English Leather

    Today I stumbled across a bottle of Timberline MEM English Leather 8oz at a local store.

    It isn't that often I buy old school cologne simply because most smell cheesy to me, but this juice is actually pretty good. I believe it was released in 1968 and is classified as a fougere/ woody/ amber.

    Of course as a kid, I wore my dad's juice that consisted of Hai Karate, Old Spice, Mennen Bracer and the English Leathers. Timberline ( IMO) is one of the good ones.

    Totally nostalgic.

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    Default Re: Timberline English Leather

    Is there a Timberline and then a Timberline English Leather? I know Timberline was first by MEM and now by DANA.
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