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    Default Re: Whats your favorite geometric shape for bottles? Whats your perfect bottle?

    the Regular Parallelepiped is the best shape of them all, simple and functional and many classic perfumes have bottles with this shape like Chanel#5 and Prada Infusion d'Homme (Bath and Body uses this shape almost exclusively), or variation of the Regular Parallelepiped like Guerlain Vetiver or rounded shoulders like Etro. While the star shaped Bond No 9 bottles are abhorrend, obnoxious and abominable. By the way, can anybody explain to me why Bond No 9 perfumes are so expensive for such tepid fragrances? I think is just pure snobbery to like Bond No 9, I am hoping they come out with one named "The Bowery" LOL see if that stops the snobbery
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