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    Default Valentino V Pour Homme

    Enyone tryed it? Is it good? Casual or Classy? Is it resemble to eny other scents?

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    Default Re: Valentino V Pour Homme

    It resembles La Prairie's Silver Rain.
    Its a good go-to fragrance - kinda casual, but has some strong gourmand qualities. Application with a measured hand.
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    I find V ph to be a rather strictly evening fragrance, though not necessary over-elegant. It resembles Body Kouros, but exchanges the spicy sexiness of the YSL for a more gourmandy dark fruitiness that works quite well. Check the reviews for both scents, many people recognise the "burnt cotton candy" character of both. I'm not into fruity top notes usually, but this one was very interesting. In the end I went for the BK though because it was getting discontinued and I was attracted to it's resinous spicyness. The V has good sillage/longevity as well.
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