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    Default Little help for beginner!

    Hello! First time here. I`ve recently found this world of fragrances and i`ve pretty much addicted to this. I`ve already bought few scents , but i need some system to this. IŽd like know few basic fragrances i should buy in to my "collection". If you professionals could throw in few names? One or two good choises from those main categories. Green, marine,oriental, gourment?,citrus..This would help me big time! And sorry for my lousy english and propably ridiculous question, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

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    Default Re: Little help for beginner!

    Welcome, Pure Francis, there is a thread called "Just Starting Out" you might be interested in.

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    You need to tell us what your budget it, and also, this should be in the just starting out forum, I think.

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    Thanks! I found that out myself too since i recognized there was no answers coming up here that fast=) I throw my question there.

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