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    Default Do perfume bottles vary for the same perfume?

    I want to get a bottle of Eau Arpege Lanvin from someone who has it from the 1960s or 70s I think. The thing is the bottle is different to the Arpege bottles in store now. Is it common that perfumes change their bottles over time?
    The bottle of the old Arpege that I want to get is is plain clear rectangular bottle with a black top. The label on the front is a simple black one with Eau Arpege in white on it.

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    Default Re: Do perfume bottles vary for the same perfume?

    I don't know the particulars of Arpege's history but certainly many fragrances that have been around for more than a few years have been changed, either to meet changing EU regulations, because certain aromachemicals have become very expensive, or to suit changing market tastes. It may well be that if you want to get the fragrance that you remember, you'll have to find a source for a vintage bottle. You might do well to post this question again on the women's board where it will get more attention. Welcome to Basenotes and good luck gathering more specific info.

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    Default Re: Do perfume bottles vary for the same perfume?

    Dendrobium, I just reread your initial post and I think I misunderstood. Were you asking whether perfumes can change in the bottle over time? If so, the answer is yes, and the damage is done primarily to the topnotes. Often vintage bottles that have been stored well smell substantially the same after decades.

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    Default Re: Do perfume bottles vary for the same perfume?

    Agree with all you said SYL but to add that perfume "bottles" themselves can also change over the years.

    So yes, we have a potential change in every possible way for any possible perfume. :-)

    Welcome to Basenotes!

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    Default Re: Do perfume bottles vary for the same perfume?

    Thanks for the information, I was asking about the bottle in this case, but it was all very useful Great to learn from the wealth of knowledge on this site, after putting it off for a long time I am finally learning..

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