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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    I am not afraid... I was born to do this.

    -Joan of Arc

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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    Quote Originally Posted by Butthead53 View Post
    I'd like to thank all of those who responded. I feel every one of your best wishes, and I've also taken note of your suggestions. Your encouragement has given me a lot of hope that my nose--and life--will ultimately return to normal!
    This comment's right place is in the 'You_are_a_true_basenoter_when...' thread. Look, the order of the most important things:
    1. nose
    2. life

    You are recovering, trust me.

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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    Wow, thanks for sharing that. You made it through the fall for a reason. Hang in there mate!
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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    Stay on basenotes, I don't know how many new fragrances are released each year so if you keep smelling your old fragrances and remembering how much clearer you smelled, just use new releases. Also a lot of people are only able to smell basenotes and maybe the generic impression of a scent without pin pointing each note, so don't swear off perfumes because you don't enjoy them as you used too..if you still enjoy them then wear them
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    Wishing you a speedy recovery mate, stay positive and be happy. You are stronger than you know!

    As for your sense of smell, "use it so you don't lose it" (the brain can learn to use existing neural pathways in new ways following damage)...

    Keep on keeping on!

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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    We want a Basenoter who can't smell! That's who!
    I suspect that over time you sense of smell will improve. It may be different that it ever was before the accident, but it will likely change and evolve. The brain is still relatively fluid, even when we aren't babies any more! So keep sniffing, refer back to any notes or reviews you might have taken of perfumes that you've already been exposed to, and have hope. And keep us posted regulalry, if you will, on how you are doing. We're all rooting for you, AND your nose! You may want to keep a reference fragrance handy, one you knew by heart before the accident, so that if your nose DOES improve, you'll be able to detect the improvement readily. Just some ideas. And anything you do to stimulate the other senses will also likely help your sense of smell..after all everything has a context. So dive deep into sensory experience! It can't hurt, and it might help! Take care. Lizzie.
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    Default Re: A Sad Story. Traumatic Brain Injury=Loss of Smell

    If the impairment of your olfactory sense is caused by one or more of the medications, that means that if and when you get to the point where you can discontinue the medication, your sense of smell will return. So all may not be lost in that respect. I had surgery to remove polyps from my sinuses, and was taking a drugstore decongestant after that, and was disturbed to find my sense of smell much reduced, and for a while worried that it was a side effect of the surgery (which, if anything, is supposed to have just the opposite result). Then it occurred to me to test it when I hadn't taken the decongestant, and found that it was, indeed, the culprit. On the other hand, a traditional Chinese herbal medicine in pill form had no such side effect. Come to think of it, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, herbs and qigong) may have much to offer you in your overall recovery. In China, it's not uncommon for brain surgery to be performed with the patient wide awake and under no anaesthetic other than that caused by acupuncture needles or advanced qigong practitioners directing qi to the appropriate points through their fingers. If they can do that, they probably also know a lot about recovering from brain injuries.

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