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    Hello everyone! I tried this question in that Male section, but there i got adviced to ask this here. Here we go! I just began this hobby/lifestyle and i am like little boy in a candy store whit this. Too much to choose for and im too exited =) So i think i need to start from the basics. I d like to know few good basic fragrances from those main categories there is. If you could throw in couple of classics from citrus, aqua, green, gourmend etc. That would help me a lot now that im starting out! Thank you! -Pure Francis-

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    Hi, welcome to Basenotes!

    For me, the best place to start is with Michael Edwards' online Fragrance Directory.

    Click on 'Fragrance families' on the lower left of the screen and you will bring up a list of the fragrance families. Next, click on the plus sign to the left of the family you wish to explore. This brings up the four subfamilies within each major group. Finally, clicking on one of the subfamilies will bring up a comprehensive list of the current fragrances within that classification.

    Michael Edwards' 'Male Fragrance Recommender' and 'Female Fragrance Recommender' are also very helpful if you are trying to classify a fragrance that is not listed in his main Fragrance Directory.
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    Hi Pure Francis, and welcome to the wonderful world of scents and Basenotes! You will have a lot of fun as you learn about scents, your likes and dislikes.
    Here are some scents I like.
    A classic sort of Eau de Cologne (citrus) is Dior's Eau Sauvage.
    A lovely green fresh vetiver is Mugler Cologne.
    A very interesting light wood is He Wood by DSquared.
    Here are a few for you to try. Cheers!

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    TwoRoads' advice about having a few fragrance categories in mind is excellent. I'd also suggest figuring out a note or two that really interests you, vetiver frags for instance, and smelling as many of them as you can. The other is just to find a few perfume shops and frequent them in the course of your daily travels. If something is intriguing on a test strip then spray it on a patch of skin. Keep a notebook with a few notes and questions. Read reviews of things that interest you. Try to figure out what's in what you like. Eat more American beef. Okay, the last one is questionable but I stand by the others.

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    Great! Thank you all very much. Journey has begun!

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