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    Default need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    hi so im not new yet have a really hard choice coming 17 and recently did extremely well on an exam and my dad promised to buy me a scent from our local boots for up to £45. so im like okay let me decide and on my phone is a list of all the scents i want this year. in no order heres the list:
    chanel allure edition blanche
    chanel allure sport
    d and g the one
    lacoste essential
    davidoff adventure
    212 men
    le male (but want this end of year)
    paco rabbana black xs
    boss pure
    boss boss

    i will get them all eventually yet have just found out i will be going away with my college for 6 months to spain for my spanish course. so i wont be buying fragrances for that whole time and need this one scent for throughout then. i will also be taking my scents now which are,
    chanel platinum egoiste
    chanel allure homme
    joop go
    drakkar noir
    dolce and gabbana pour homme
    tommy hilfiger for men

    this indicates my taste a bit i think. im all designer because where i live finding niche stores is extremely hard so im gonna stay designer. i leave on the 1st march so also you could suggest scents to try which come out before then which you think i might like. so which one should i get with my budget? i really dont know. thanks for any advice you can give, will be greatly appreciated.

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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    from your list, adventure, black xs and 212 men are the standouts to me. everyone your age has either le male or joop homme.
    for your trip to spain, will you not be able to save some cash to hit up duty free? you can check which brands are stocked in the airport/terminal you fly from, and do some research and sampling beforehand- sometimes you can get good deals in the airport.
    you say those are all the scents you want this year, but dont forget there will be a bunch of new releases around april and september. travelling in march, you might see them before they are in stores.

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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    i agree with GBlue..

    chanel allure sport
    212 men
    paco rabbana black xs

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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    yeah im thinkin black xs it is, that strawberry note is real nice.

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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    I would personally avoid Lacoste Essential. It just smells generic to me. My friend wore it once and to me it reminded me of the smell of a deodorant that I used to wear. It is pleasant but just too generic I think. Hugo Boss scents have also been called generic by many. Chanel Allure Edition Blanche's top notes smelled really nice but I've only sprayed it on a card and not on my skin so I don't know how good the longevity is or how the fragrance develops. Black XS also seemed like an interesting fragrance and I have been interested in it for a while. I may sample it soon.

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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    I really like Chanel Allure Edition Blanche. I don't own it yet, but it's on my radar. A lot of noses that I respect here like it, too - that's why I tried it.

    Also, if you try Chanel Allure Sport, make sure that you try both the regular and the Cologne Sport version. They're significantly different. I love the Cologne Sport more than the regular Sport. The Cologne Sport is more citrus-woody, whereas the Sport is citrus-spicy.
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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    Chanel Allure Blanche - excellent aroma, very modern, very adaptable, and an easy wear.

    And save some money for shopping in Spain; there will be exciting fragrance shopping there.
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    Default Re: need some advice from fellow basenoters?

    212 men
    Drakkar Noir
    Le Male
    Black XS
    Lacoste Essential,

    would my picks.
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