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    Default 1 and 7 Balancing Body Mists by Aveda

    This weekend while at the mall to see a movie, I strolled by the Aveda boutique and checked out the Chakra Balancing Body Mists. There are seven of them, each numbered 1-7.

    These were mentioned in the Winter '08 update to Perfumes: The Guide. Turin liked 7. Sanchez liked 1. Overall they gave them three stars, categorizing them 'organic mixtures'.

    I am not familiar with the concepts of chakra, and I am skeptical of the application suggestions (applying at the base of your spine, etc) but nonetheless my interest in these were not for the 'balancing' properties. I just wanted them to smell good.

    Of course, I didn't have the time, or skin space, to test all seven scents. So I naturally tested 1 and 7:

    7 reminded of a 'signature' fragrance blend I have encountered in numerous Aveda products - I call it the 'Aveda scent'. It is slightly mint/jasmine tea oriented but extremely pale and watery. It hits the back of your nose and throat almost like camphor. But rather than being pungent or bracing, it's softly soothing. Steamy, if that makes sense.

    Alongside the house note, I smelled lots of aromatic herb notes (lavender?) and then in about an hour it was fading and nonexistent.

    I'd love to get a massage with something that smelled like this. Do I need to own a bottle? Probably not.

    1 is more my speed.

    Dry, dry, dry - like Avignon or L'Air du Desert Marocain, but handled in a more resinous texture. You all know me - I wear home fragrances on my skin so wearing something bone dry and resinous is not a problem for me. I think this may be too stark, though, for most fans of 'body mist' products.

    The frankincense is carried along quite nicely on skin, in a transparent way. Imagine a frankincense based eaux cologne - and you have 1. For me, here in Miami, this could easily be a go to incense scent, in the Summer. I can't imagine reaching for some of my CdG or Serge Lutens incense scents in humid weather, but 1 would smell fantastic. Longevity was slightly longer for this one, perhaps a faint whiff of incense could still be detected after a couple of hours. I'm sure a heavier application might increase this. It is definitely full bottle worthy.

    You can look at the entire range on the Aveda site here. Bottles are $30 for 3.4 oz atomizers. Which is practically free with today's niche pricing.
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