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    Default Anyone try Olivia Giacobetti's New Line? (Honore des Pres)

    So Olivia's got a new line out called "Honore des Pres," which uses all natural and organic ingredients. Anyone try this line yet? Anyone know anything interesting about it? (The_Good_Life I'm looking at you...)
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    Default Re: Anyone try Olivia Giacobetti's New Line? (Honore des Pres)

    Not yet but Nu Green (mint, grass, musk, tarragon and cedar), and Honore's Trip (tangerine, orange, lemon and pepper) sound like they could be very good.
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    Default Re: Anyone try Olivia Giacobetti's New Line? (Honore des Pres)

    Looks and sounds promising. Now for the most important part -- how it smells.

    Chaman's Party ~ "from a hut in the heart of the virgin Amazon forest", with notes of vetiver and holy basil. 148€.
    Bonté’s Bloom ~ "romantic chic", with notes of sunflower, citrus leaves, sage, chamomile and iris. 140€.
    Nu Green ~ "a simple eau", featuring mint, tarragon, cedar and musk. 140€.
    Sexy Angelic ~ "a cuddle of almond rubbed on the washed skin of a young girl in tears", with conium flower, angelica seed and callisson 140€.
    Honoré’s Trip ~ "Saturation of citrus fruits, saturation of colors, saturation of the fruits of the South, saturation of freshness". Featuring lemon, lime and orange. 128€.

    They sound somewhat on the feminine side. Bonte's Bloom and Chaman's Party sounds as if it may be my cup of tea.
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    Default Re: Anyone try Olivia Giacobetti's New Line? (Honore des Pres)

    What's with the big price tag? I'm hoping that they decide to do 50ml bottles 75 Euros. I will give them a try when I'm in Paris next month.

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