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    Default Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    i know, i know, these things are supposed to be awful and, at 20 years old, i really should just switch to a straight razor, but i have really sensitive skin and it gets irritated very easily. I currently have a straight foil braun and it doesnt seem to work very well with my jawline (i have a very prominent, angular jaw) and i think it might be better to switch to a top of the line rotary with independently floating heads, to better hug the angles and the apple area. perhaps one with a wet capability so i can use lather.

    also, is there some sort of pre-electric shave treatment i can use to make the job easier?

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    Default Re: Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    I use a rotary electric razor. Does the trick. Sure, it's not as close of a shave as you'd get doing it the hard way, but being a college student, I'm lazy and don't have the time to fool around with normal razors (especially the straight variety). Plus I like the fact I can shave whenever I want and not have it be a big hassle. Electric razor isn't something you should skimp on, the top of the line ones are noticeably better in my experience. Norelco seems to make a quality product.

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    Default Re: Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    Lab Series Electric Pre-Shave Solution

    If your foil razor is washable under the faucet, give this stuff a shot before you look for something else. Most places that carry Lab Series do NOT carry this. The only place i've found it reliably is Nordstrom's.

    I've moved on to an "old fashioned" double edge safety razor but prior to that I was using a Remington triple-foil and the Lab Series pre-shave made a world of difference. Definitely recommended.

    Anthony Logistics also sells an electric pre-shave, but I would recommend staying far away. They add a large enough quantity of peppermint oil that it not only numbs your face but actually makes the solution sticky for the razor.
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    Default Re: Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    I have got a Remington electric that has it's own cleaning/charging station and I love it. I have found that if I use Ivory soap on my face, it really makes my beard stand out and I can get as close a shave as with a razor most times. I have had this razor for a year and a half and just changed the heads on it too. I can run the heads under water and clean them with a brush then spray the heads with the lubricant and it lasted for as long as it had.

    I think you would be surprised. Plus, look for this razor on ebay (new of course) and you could get a great deal!

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    Default Re: Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    At home, i use the manual razor(with aloe ver gel instead of shaving cream) which is imo the best(still using my old mach3). when im on the go, ive got myself a braun electric shaver(straight), but the thing i realised about electirc ones, is that they dont give a clean enough shave, and if i add too much pressure to try to get to those stubs, i tend to get redness around the area,. nvr tried rotary tho. I'll be checking out the remington online, sounds like something i would need as well....

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    Default Re: Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    I opted for the straight, feel like I have more control over the razor. Sometimes I have to go over it a few times and i get stubborn hairs on my neck. But it beats the hell out of a razor and shaving cream. It has to be one of the best investments I've made all year lol.

    Have a Braun series 5, it gives a close shave and doesnt need the annoying wash cartridges.

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    Default Re: Electric razors - rotary or straight?

    Several years ago I was in a small shop here in town run by an older gent. He sold watches, cameras, electric razors, that sort of stuff. He recommended a simple Braun foil-type razor with just one large foil. He said the reason it was the best electric out there was because the foil was thinner than on any other model he had tried, so it shaved the closest.

    I have to hand it to him, that was the best electric razor I ever used. Cheap, too. Since then I've made the switch to wetshaving with either a double-edged safety razor or a straight razor.

    Also, using a product like Williams' Lectric Shave actually does improve the shave - it coats your skin just enough to cut down on irritation. Probably similar to the Norelco razors with the built-in lotion dispenser.
    - E.J.

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