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    Default Tell me about Orientals

    What characterizes an Oriental fragrance? I must admit that this is a fragrance type I really donít understand. Would a spicy vanilla-based scent best describe it, or is it something else? Iím curious because I donít think I have anything that could be considered Oriental (at least as far as I know), so itís about time I found out.

    How would you describe this type of fragrance? And, of course, what would you suggest for a sniff?


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    I would classify something as oriental if it is sweet. (Of course, this will mean that I classify gourmands as a subcategory of orientals).
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    Default Re: Tell me about Orientals

    Spicy and vanillic are indeed two common traits among oriental scents, an amber or resinous (labdanum, styrax, opopanax) base is another. Many oriental scents also contain incense and/or rich floral notes such as jasmine, rose, and orange blossom. Generally speaking, orientals are relatively sweet, complex, and voluptuous scents, though there are some more transparent examples on hte market. Shalimar is often cited as the archetypical oriental scent, while Habit Rouge, Egoiste, Jaipur Homme, JHL, and New York are some familiar orientals marketed to men.

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    I'd say amber and spices are crucial. There are some "hybrids" too, such as Adidas Victory League. Take a look at the notes for it in the BN directory, if you have a chance.

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    Default Re: Tell me about Orientals

    Check out the OsMoz description of Orientals, the Oriental subgroups, and their list of scents they put into those subgroups.

    Although it should be noted that scents like Sculpture and Salvador Dali which they have as Oriental Fougere, other classifiers, like the H&R Charts, put into a separate Ambery Fougere category (i.e. not orientals) and classify Orientals only as either Ambery or Spicy.

    The Perfumeworld people have another classification system for orientals -
    Oriental Fougere
    Oriental Spicy
    Oriental Woody Ambery
    Oriental Woody Patchouli
    Edible (Gourmand)
    See this at
    and click on "by Olfactive Family".

    The different classification systems means that while they often are in accord, sometimes they definitely disagree.
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