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    Default Chanel Antaeus Question...

    I need some advise...

    Would Chanel Antaeus be suitable for hot humid weather? And would it suit a man in his mid 20s?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Chanel Antaeus Question...

    In my opinion, Antaeus is too strong for a hot and humid climate. I prefer to wear it in the cooler seasons, not the summer. I think it would be suitable for a man in his 20's provided that he realizes that this is not a light scent, but one with power, strong sillage, and all-day longevity. Chanel describes its personality as "An invitation to decadence". One can be decadent at any age.
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    Default Re: Chanel Antaeus Question...

    I think NYCBoy pretty much nails it. Of course, if one simply loves Antaeus one can wear it any season and any weather with contentment, but I agree with NYCBoy--I'd find hot humid summer weather to push me out of the Antaeus comfort zone.
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    Default Re: Chanel Antaeus Question...

    If you feel comfortable wearig it, so go for it! If you`r not, so stop using it. Very simple rule!

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    Default Re: Chanel Antaeus Question...

    Nearly anything can be worn in homeopathic doses in the heat, but Antaeus can certainly make the elevator smaller in the wrong sorts of situations/concentrations.

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    Default Re: Chanel Antaeus Question...

    I do not agree with the idea of winter and summer scents, but in general, citrous scents are considered appropiate for the summer and oriental / woody scents appropiate for the winter. Thus, you can either follow the rules - since Antaeus is not citric, it can be considered a winter scent - or do as you please. However, Antaeus is strong, though. So, it should be applied with care during hot / humid days.

    Regarding your age, it does have something of an "oldish-gentleman" character. This can be good for a 20 year old man when it comes to differentiate yourself form the rest.

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