I read that BaseNoters are glad to recommend fragrances for newbies like me . Right now I'm trying to find my path in this jungle of fragrances, but the more I read, my list of must-tries grow bigger and bigger, and I need some advices for which fragrances to pick. Unfortunately it's hard to find perfumes outside the mainstream-market in Sweden, so I have to order most of my samples from the US, and that's a money-issue, so I have to pick my samples carefully.

I would like to try something really spicy and "sweaty" (not a fragrance that actually smell like sweat, but a fragrance that isn't "nice" and "pleasant", if you get me ). I like orientals, I haven't tried a real leather-scent, but from what I've read about them they seem interesting too .

My favourites right now are Molinards "Habanita" and Alexander McQueens "Kingdom", but I'm searching for something more "aggressive". A heavy, dark and a bit "dirty" fragrance that really create emotions. I like when artistic expressions has a repulsive side hidden under the beauty, and I think this is something I would appreciate in fragrances as well. So, nothing nice and sweet and tender, but aggressive and dirty. Any recommendations?