Jasmin Noir opens as finishes. Classy, elegant and seductive, but harmless.
You can detect a touch of sweet, citrusy-green note in the opening, but the jasmin appears quite immediately, just as a shade, a whisper.
See, sometimes, this perfume reminds me the glorious "Black orchid" from Tom Ford if you can isolated the gourmard and truffle notes.It has the same jasmin note.
Ghostly and appealing.
The jasmine is accompained by a light, almost invisible floral note, (I assume is the gardenia), and by a subtle green note.

The floral accords of the top and the middle rapidly decease and the scent moves to a woody drydown.
Here they come; subtle dark woods.
The spirit of the whole juice is more or less woody. You can tell there's a shy hint of licorice on the drydown, just shy.
The end of the perfume is rather masculine with the presence of woods licorice and tonka.

"Jasmin Noir" is a classy, elegant fragrance, that make you feel well without "shout out".
Even so, the price is much higher than the rest of the Bvlgary range. I assumed that they try to follow a kind of marketing positioning the perfume as something more prestigious. It actually has not the spirit and it's not really worth it.

Despiste of the jasmin note, the fragrance ends in a quite warm, masculine way.

I wonder: if the final prize is cheaper and marked for men, could it become succesful?...