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    Well Scotland in general is pretty limited... however.

    In Glasgow you will be able to buy most general fragrances (Hugo, YSL, ck, Armani etc etc) In Boots stores (chemist) and in The PerfumeShop.

    If you are after something a bit out of the ordinary (Acqua di parma, Viktor & Rolf etc) then you will have more choice at Debenhams, John Lewis and House of Fraser (department stores).

    If you would like something from a "Barbershop" range then in Prince's Square there is a small stall/shop called The Perfect Shave who stock Taylors/Trumpers and C&S frag.

    Also in Prince's Square you will find a Penhaligons if you were feeling flush.

    According to the Creed website, John Lewis (previously mentioned dept store) stock a range of their frags but I can't remember having ever seen them there.

    There is also a last mention for a small perfume store called Scentsations in Troon in Ayrshire (about 20 - 30 mins on train from Glasgow) They will stock some out of the ordinary items.

    Well I hope this helps

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    I've ordered from Scentsations of Troon online, they are really good.
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    John Lewis in Buchanan Galleries does stock Creed fragrances - Virgin Island Water, Spring Flower etc. In Princes Square there is also Space NK which has Antonia's Flowers and Chantecaille fragrances among others. You will also find Crabtree & Evelyn in Princes Square. TK Maxx in Sauchiehall Street has the usual assortment of cut price perfumes and occasionally some bargain treasures if you want to rummage. Also in the same street is Watt Brothers department store which always has perfume bargains -lots of Tabu going for pennies alongside Guerlain, Kenzo, Lacoste etc. I agree Glasgow is very limited when it comes to choice.
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    chaelaran1008 thanks for the additional input. I just thought I'd add Glasgow here seeing as no one else had.

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    I have been to Glasgow
    House of Fraser has Serge Lutens
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    Was talking to the Tom Ford rep in Frasers shes hoping they will be getting the Private Blends in towards the end of the year. But it depends on how the launch of the blends in edinburgh at harvey nichols goes. Saves me having to go to london for my fix.
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    House of Fraser is better for perfumes than John Lewis, I think. They stock some of the older scents that have now gone out of fashion, and will offer genuine advice - as opposed to just trying to sell you the most expensive/newest scent. One SA recommended a lesser-known, cheaper scent to me when she could easily have sold me a more expensive scent.

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    Just thought I would give an update on the Glasgow situation as there has been a lot of new additions to Glasgow since the last post!!

    I will start with the big news first, in that the ongoing renovation of House of Fraser has seen the addition of the Chanel Les Exclusifs and this week the Tom Ford Private Blends.

    We still have Serge Lutens and Annick Goutal here, and another recent addition has been the regular Creed line. Rumours abound that the Prada private collection and Armani Prive fragrances may make their debut here soon! Not to mention they have had the Mirror Mirror line by Thierry Mulger and the Van Cleef and Aprels Collection Extrodainnaire since just before Christmas. Hopefully there will be more exciting additions to come, and dont forget to visit the wonderful new Hermes area of the store which carries the complete range including the Hermessence fragrances!!

    Space NK has expanded it's range of niche perfumery to include L'Artisan, Francis Kurkdjain, Honore Des Pres, and a few other oddities, as well as the likes of Serge Lutens, Diptyque and Tocca.

    Of course worth mentioning is the former Comme Des Garcons querilla store in Ruthven Lane in the west end, which carries the entire CDG fragrance line.

    Of course there has been some sad news, as the Penhaligons store has closed some time ago, and the mens barbershop fragrance unit has disappeared also.

    Overall its an exciting time, and we are finally seeing a whole new level of niche fragrances on offer in Glasgow!

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    Smile Re: Glasgow

    I've seen Armani prive collection at Fraisers last week. They were so cool.

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    More updates for Glasgow!!

    House of Fraser is now carrying some of the Etro line! The Armani Prive fragrances have now arrived, and I expect the Prada in store boutique to open any day now, which will have the Prada exclusives.

    In another development it seems that Cruise is now stocking excusive fragrances. They have Creed (including some not in the more freely available line, Carathusia, Nasomatto Profumo Del Forte and Six Scents Series 2.

    Space NK have also told me they expect to carry the full range of Comme Das Garcons fragrances pretty soon. We can already get them in Ruthven Lane, but this will make them more accessable for those only able to visit the city centre.

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