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    Default "particles" floating in juice??

    My friend was going to sell me a bottle of Tommy, and I noticed that there was literally like particles(?) floating in it. I sprayed it and it smelled fine. But has anyone seen anything like this? Is it a benign issue? What the hell causes it to happen?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Default Re: "particles" floating in juice??

    You are not alone and it is actually something very common. At some point I estimated that 5 to 10% of the bottles I have seen have something, little particles inside. From Aqua velva to Serge Lutens. A while ago I was selling a bottle of Eau dOrange Verte, but I had to break the deal with the buyer at the last minute. He probably would not have noticed, but I knew there was stuff inside the bottle . My bottle of obsession night has this huge ball of fluff floating in it... I wonder if I can sue CK

    The only thing that worries me about all that, is the fact that the sprayer may eventually fail if the particles are too big.
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    Default Re: "particles" floating in juice??

    Ah, well that's good to hear, because I went ahead and bought it from him. I wonder what the hell it is? And you don't think it has any discernible affect on the actual scent of the fragrance? I mean, these particles are definitely large enough to be seen--but are FAR too diminutive to clog the spraying mechanism, haha.

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    Default Re: "particles" floating in juice??

    I have over 150 bottles of juice and only 1 has particles floating around, Burberry Brit. Juice still smells good though.
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    Default Re: "particles" floating in juice??

    the particles must be cockroaches forced through the filter
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