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    Default Anyone heard of the house of 'Gandini' & Santal Vetiver?

    I came across this offering 'Santal Vetiver' from the house of 'Gandini'....Supposedly it has two of my favorite fragrance notes 'sandalwood' & 'Vetiver' combined in one....

    There is no mention of this house anywhere on basenotes.....Anyone heard of them?

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    Default Re: Anyone heard of the house of 'Gandini' & Santal Vetiver?

    There is hardly anything on the net about this. I found the following on an Italian website:
    Casa distributrice: Promoparf div. Elleci - Casa di produzione: Promoparf

    So this simply says that the the producer and distributor of SV is Promoparf[um?]
    It does seem to be a legit product, many of the scents in that list are known: e.g., MPG, Creed, Knize.
    I'd say it is a European rarity, not usually seen in a North American market. Looks nice. If I saw it at a good price I'd buy it blind.

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    Default Re: Anyone heard of the house of 'Gandini' & Santal Vetiver?

    Bumping this up, as I'm wondering about this house.

    (Reminded of it by a thread talking about cheaper fragrances that are like niche) Gandini is no niche knockoff brand but supposedly has really striking colognes that happen to have similarities to Jo Malone but don't suffer from that house's (IMO) quality problems. I know that colognes are not really supposed to last long, but Jo Malone stuff almost uniformly fades off of me within twenty minutes. I'm looking for something slightly less fleeting--forty minutes to an hour, after that I expect a classic style refresher cologne to gently fade off.

    I'm tempted to blind buy Blue Musk and Pomegranate and Incense from Gandini but wondered if anyone here has experience with those two or with the house in general ...

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