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    Default Gucci Pour Homme Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

    Recently my dad gave me an unused Gucci Pour Homme Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick. I think this is one of the few that is actually a proper Antiperspirant rather than a deo stick. I have never used an Antiperspirant in stick form before.

    So this is my main question...When u guys apply the stick form Antiperspirant does it get all flaky/powdery and sticks to the underarm hair? Because when i use it this happens. The flaky/powdery stuff is white in colour. Its kinda unsightly when i'm wearing clothes with short sleeves/sleeveless.

    Hope u guys that have used Antiperspirants before could share some experiences...


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    Default Re: Gucci Pour Homme Antiperspirant Deodorant Stick

    Yes, I think this must be a thing about antiperspirant sticks. I bought a Givenchy Pour Homme deodorant stick, as I had been really impressed with their Irrestible stick, which smelled beautiful and I had no reaction to it (some sticks, esp. some Calvin Klein, give me a rash).

    I was disappointed to find out it was an antiperspirant, and suffered the same, white sticky flaky problem as you (the fragrance was too much for me too, so a completely wasted purchase!)

    I really worry about the health issues surrounding antiperspirants, especially the way they are so ubiquitous these days, that it's almost impossible to find a deodorant that is NOT an antiperspirant, and so people just blindly use them without thinking about it.

    Our bodies are designed to sweat, we're animals, we need to get rid of toxins and keep ourselves cool. Having something that stops such a natural process just makes me shudder at where all those toxins are going, and makes me despair that man's intellect can lead him to believe that stopping such a natural process is the way to go.

    Stick with deodorants, I say.
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