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    Default How long can deodorant sticks last?

    Usually when i buy my frags i prefer buying the set that comes with the usual deo stick, shower gel, etc. So after a while i ended up with quite a number of deo sticks..most of them are kinda useless and i prefer to use an unscented antiperspirant instead. However i can't just let those deo sticks go to my question how long can these deo sticks last before they dry out???


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    Default Re: How long can deodorant sticks last?

    I'd guess that you'd be good until they physically "dry out" or until they smell "off" however most of these sticks now come with the little use within symbol on the bottom. Have a look, it's like a small tub with (usually) 12M, 24M, 36M etc written inside it, meaning that once its opened "we'd suggest" you use within this amount of months.

    Its all down to personal opinion though, If you feel they still work and smell ok, then use them.

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