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    Default Jil Sander Scent 79--Yuck!..I Mean, WOW!!!

    I've been suffering the Winter scents blahs--bored and anxious hoping for the next scent that would catch my attention--AND SOON! And it definitely wasn't Burberry The Beat. The first Burberry scent I consider a bomb, IMO.

    Then while browsing the mens counter at Neimans, I came across Scent 79. I sprayed it on paper, and sniffed. I wish I could see the way my face twisted and contorted! It smelled musty, dusty, green and peppery, but definitely not in a good way. It didn't get any better as the alcohol evaporated--more must and more dust. All I could think of was STRANGE!

    But I love strange scents...I was 'entertained'. I was fixated, piqued, wondering what the heck I was smelling. That was the weirdest opening I've ever smelled! After a bit the scent disappeared--a bit of olfactory fatigue because it's not a subtle definitely has sillage. Floral notes started to peak out, the sweetness intensifies with woody green notes supporting it, all the while surrounded by musky-leathery notes.

    An SA was kind enough to fill a vial for me since they didn't have any carded samples. I went home to play the brave soldier and try it on skin...

    Same feeling on the first sniff--whoah, what is this??? But this time it was different. Never in my life did I experience a scent that truly depended on being worn on skin. I mean, it was absolutely mandatory! It blossomed, became rich and deep. IMO, I think notes were definitely taken on Gucci by Gucci for Men, taken several steps further, AND RAN AWAY WITH IT!

    Doing research, it is the modern take on Jil Sander Man, "79" being its year of creation. I agree and disagree on the similarities. The description from Neimans paints a definitely clear picture:

    The top notes make a statement with green, woody notes of angelica root, underlined by intense yet fresh tones of clary sage. This aromatic impact leads the way to frankincense, which adds a deeper tone.

    The heart of the fragrance, composed of floral notes that are atypical
    (translated, "not usually disclosed") in the men's perfume world, blends luxurious jasmine, elegant violet wood and refined orris concrete.

    Finally, the opulence of a black leather accord echoes sensual accents of sandalwood enwrapped with warm vetiver.

    You definitely smell all the notes described above. Old school with a simplified modern complexity. Deep, dark, mysterious.Twenty-somethings might find this overly mature smelling. You can definitely smell the sophistication and good craftsmanship in the progression of this fragrance. The floral heart just pulls all the aspects together. The orris is recognizable at first, powdery and dusty. Then the jasmine becomes clear--sweet, with violet notes lending a bit of green to the heart, thankfully without its candied notes. Sandalwood is evident, but not pronounced, on par with the jasmine. The vetiver finally peeks out, and I'm quite sure there's patchouli involved with the leather accord. Surprisingly the vetiver gives out first and you're left with a sweet, smooth, a tad dusty, sandalwood.

    Buxton (again) had done good with this one! GUYS, GIVE THIS ONE A TRY. You'll definitely be entertained. Longevity seems to be tenacious, the night isn't over for me yet and it's chugging on after 4 hours. I think I'm getting a bottle tomorrow. $90 for a 4.2 oz bottle (EdP, according to osMoz) is a good investment, at least for me since I haven't picked up a new bottle lately for 3 weeks, which is a record!

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    Default Re: Jil Sander Scent 79--Yuck!..I Mean, WOW!!!

    i've been meaning to try this one for a while....but haven't had the chance.

    thanks for the interesting review!

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    Default Re: Jil Sander Scent 79--Yuck!..I Mean, WOW!!!

    I too tried on paper, and gave it a 'pass'. Thanks for reminding me that skin makes such a difference - I will re-try it next time on me.

    Does anyone who's smelled this think it reminds them (a little) of French Lover by Frederic Malle? Maybe it's the angelica?

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