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    Default John Vavatos Artisan & DKNY MEN (new)

    Today at Nordstrom I was able to try the new John Vavatos Artisan. The bottle is very striking and fits the name perfectly. Now with the bottle and the name of the fragrance "Artisan" - I was really expecting some thing different a fragrance of great detail created from the true artist of his craft. Well what I got was the smell of a shampoo to be precise a 70's shampoo and conditioner called "Gee Your Hair Smell Terrific".

    Yeah this was a huge let down for me - are you sure this is a man's scent?

    Next was off to Macys to sample the new DKNY again I was very impressed by the box and it's image of the New York Skyscrapers of Manhattan. The bottle looks like a stout version of the tall sky scraper one -released years ago.... yet I don't see the connection to NYC with this bottle.

    The scent was a simple blend of citrus and woody spice very boring and actually a little mature I thought for the DKNY lable....unless they are trying to go retro???
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    Default Re: John Vavatos Artisan & DKNY MEN (new)

    How does the Artisan bottle looks like? You should post a pic of that if its available.. just for comparing it to that shampoo bottle

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    Default Re: John Vavatos Artisan & DKNY MEN (new)

    Lol I actually loved Artisan. It smells extremely unique to my nose. I might have to try that shampoo just out of curiosity.

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