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    Arrow Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean


    I was just wandering if anyone has tried Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean and if so, is it any good??? Is it in any way similar to the original Baldessarini Del Mar??

    Any info or comparisons to other scents would be appreciated

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    I thought by now someone would have answered you...
    I went to smell this again today and Caribbean smells more like the regular Baldessarini. Sweet, kinda tobaccoey, but no where as nice and deep. It is a tiny bit similar to the original Del Mar (maybe a mix of the 2?) but it has nothing to do with the Marbella version. I think this should have been a flanker of the regular Baldessarini rather than that of Del Mar.
    My guess is a different fixative was used with Caribbean because many (including myself) said the original Baldessarini did not last long. Who knows...

    Other similar scents: to my nose, CK One Scene (very slight...smells like something else I have smelled, but can't put my finger on it!)
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    It has been a few more hours...and I am getting a slight Tom Ford for men along with original Baldessarini. This is actually not a bad frag. Granted this is all on paper...
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    Default Re: Baldessarini Del Mar Caribbean

    Hi Andrew

    Thanks once again for your help and comments, much appreciated. Im not a big fan of CK One Scene so I might have to pass on this one to be honest. I dont think this has been released in the UK so its impossible to find a stockist where you can sample this.

    Anyway, not too worry, Im sure I'll find something better

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

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    Dan, I have let the scent go thru its cycle...and it is a full body original Baldessarini and Tom Ford for men at dry down. CK One Scene is nowhere in the picture, hence why I am reposting. If you like Tom Ford but can't stand the lack of longevity, you might want to take a closer look at this. You have actually sold me on the darn scent!

    Opening: light original Baldessarini, some melony accord
    Middle: a tobacco starts to develop, melony accord still hanging around, complements very well though
    Dryodwn: tobacco of sorts with a bright melony zing
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    Dear Dan,

    methinks some resemblance to the original can be detected, though slight, in the base. The opening is a fresh burst of blackcurrant. To me this opening is reminiscent of summer breeze while strolling down the shore. Unlike the "sea-ish" note of Acqua di Gio, this gives me an impression of being overly watery. If you like the scent given away by fresh water (in a positive, not rotten algae, way), you're bound to fall for Del Mar Caribbean.
    I guess this one is far more interesting than the original Del Mar. It undergoes a far greater evolution on the skin and does not bore you off your feet after merely a quarter of an hour (which the original does on me, I'm afraid).
    I do recall some say that this reminds them of Issey Miyake, minus the flowery burst.
    RAFI Poland

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