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    I went to a department store recently to test Burberry Brit for Men. Sprayed it on a tester strip and my first impressions were good. Did what I usually do: put the strip in my pocket to smell later in the day. I smelled it later in the day and still liked it. Ordered a bottle of it online a week or so later and eagerly awaited its arrival.

    For some reason, now that I have it, after wearing it a few times, I don't really like it. I usually like sweet fragrances, but there's something in this one that makes me feel slightly nauseous. I'm going to have to get rid of it.

    Has this happened to anyone? Going from initially liking a fragrance to disliking it in a short period of time? I feel silly for buying it. I definitely liked it when I tested it, though. It's not a skin chemistry thing, either; I now feel the same way about it when it's sprayed on a tester strip or fabric.

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    Kuoros. i liked it for about 45 min.:bounce:

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    Man, I know that I'm not the only one here at basenotes, who explained previously this phenomenon with Brit. At the beginning I find it an extremely nice, almost breath-taking scent. Manly yet mild, spicy - everything I could wish for. And after about a good half hour it would begin to change to a much less interesting, even boring, weak scent.
    What I recommend -perhaps it's a bit late - that you should try the new Baldessarini Strictly Private. I feel that they belong to the very same scent-family, whilst Private is able to keep the promise of the first minutes for long-long hours.

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    I felt the same way with Burberry Brit for Men. There was a wonderful green mandarin topnote that really stood out on the tester strip that really sold me. But on my skin it was quick and fleeting. It took me years to finally appreciate/love Brit. After I tried Czech & Speake No. 88 I finally understood the 'theme' (British tradition, rose) and the powdery oriental + rose drydown made sense to me. I say, keep Brit and keep working at it.

    Also, Brit also comes across as a gourmand for me. When I used to wear it on an empty stomach, I would get so hungry and my stomach would growl. Now I make sure I have eaten or will eat if I'm going to wear Brit.

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    Yes, there are a few frags that smell good on a test strip but are pretty terrible on my skin. Brit is one of them too.

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    sell it....get something else.

    as of yet...i have honestly never purchased something i didn't like.....
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    Sounds like an excellent choice for the ring to disarm a fearful opponent! Although i personally generally rely on angel for men for the "cheap shots"!!

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    My main mistake in purchasing bottles has to do with them not LASTING as long as I would've liked, which is hard to determine upon first sniffing, unless you wander around the mall for an hour or two before you buy.

    Thank God for B'notes in this regard!

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    Brit's a fine fragrance. I felt the same as you with Dior Homme. Liked it, disliked it, and I'm back to liking it. Give it some time. It may grown on you again. This thread is making me consider wearing it tommorow. Hmm...

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    Quote Originally Posted by the.angels.fell View Post
    Has this happened to anyone? Going from initially liking a fragrance to disliking it in a short period of time?
    This happened to me most recently with one of Burberry other recent offerings .. The Beat. I sprayed it on at Bloomie's and almost purchased it on the spot. But I've learned that "impulse buying" lesson the hard way on more than one occasion. So I poked around in the men's department for about a half hour and couldn't believe what I smelled in that short period of time. Turned almost rancid on my skin. I did try it once again recently to give it another shot but the same thing happened.

    Bottom line ... DON'T BUY BLIND!

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