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    Default Total Starter - SMELL BOMBS - UNCONVENTIONAL Aims...

    Hello All,

    I was wondering if you might help me.
    I am working on a number of projects to do with claiming public space and am going to produce some fragrance bombs.

    My aim is to take a particularly boring grey and un welcoming street (or set of streets in London and fragrance bomb the whole thing, with a changing flow of scent, something akin to sensational graffiti

    I would like to develop a range of smells but i need the following criteria for it to work.

    I need ingredients that are relatively inexpensve and STINK!!! I mean humm hard.

    The best case scenario is that i can drop a little pouch or object behind a piece of street furniture out of sight and that it will 'smell out' the surrounding 10 meters downwind. I then drop a different bomb every ten meters to create an invisible smell garden as one walks down the whole street.

    they should last for as long as possible.

    I would love advice on the following:

    1. Where can i find out what smells induce which moods?
    2. What types of smells are particularly nice but very strong.
    3. Where can i find the ingredients?
    4. Can I fabricate / distill / strengthen / mix / collect them myself

    I live near hampstead heath in london where lots of useful plants grow im sure.

    thanks so much
    i look forward to your replies
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    Default Re: Total Starter - SMELL BOMBS - UNCONVENTIONAL Aims...

    You're kidding, right? I'm going to have to keep my eye on you
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    Default Re: Total Starter - SMELL BOMBS - UNCONVENTIONAL Aims...

    no i am quite quite serious.

    please, if you have any info that may help me, please do write me a serious reply.

    I am here to learn as much as I can olfactorally

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    Default Re: Total Starter - SMELL BOMBS - UNCONVENTIONAL Aims...

    Vahakn, this is a really cool project. You're nuts and you should find excellent company here.
    My only thought is something like incense or candles would last longer, I would think, than something sprayed or sent off in one go like a "bomb". You might propose the idea of huge candles on the Home Fragrance and DIY sections of this website and see what people come up with.
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    Default Re: Total Starter - SMELL BOMBS - UNCONVENTIONAL Aims...

    Going off the candle idea, there are flameless candles that work (I think) by a small light bulb that heats up scented oil in a pan above the lightbulb. I think they're plug-in, but it should be fairly easy to rig one up using a battery - basically all you would need is a small light bulb (perhaps from Radio Shack if you have those on your side of the pond) some wire, and a battery. You could easily use a soda can to house it (and to help contain the heat) and make a pan for the oil out of aluminum foil. Plus, maybe the can would be unobtrusive enough so as not to be noticed.
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