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    Smile First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Hey everyone! Recently I've been looking for a suitable scent, after experiencing high school as a student for nearly 6 years now, I've finally realised that Lynx (or Axe) is not sufficient enough to smell half decent in public (in fact, most of the range stinks); I've nearly been choked to death by the product in high school change rooms, and just walking around school.

    SO I've decided to take the plunge and purchase a cologne as the chemist has a promotion going on this month. I'm not looking to spend too much money as this will most likely be a blind buy - <$50 AUD will suffice, and most of the products that are on sale are within that budget ( DESCENDING from dearest to cheapish =P) EDIT The store also has Chrome Lazzaro on a discounted price, I've seen many positive reviews for that so I'll add it to the list:

    Kouros Body
    Joop! Homme
    Yves Saint Laurent Jazz
    Davidoff Cool Water

    I've looked up most of them on random websites, and on this forum of course, and have been unable to make a decision. However, Cool Water, Kouros, Joop! (on other websites) and some of the YSL range have been highly commended, whereas FCUK Him doesn't seem to be very popular. I'm leaning towards Cool Water due to it's 'refreshing' nature but I'm up for any, as long as it is not disliked by the majority of the general public. It will be worn occasionally and also on outings/special occasions until I am able to cough up more moolah.

    I'd really appreciate it if some of you would voice your opinions on the above choices, the purchase will be made without any trials as I can't get my hands on any samples.

    To those who have bothered to read up to this point, thank you, and I hope to return to a thread full of feedback!
    Have a great day/night wherever you are.
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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    welcome to the site man, may i be the first to say dont get obsession unless your under 30. obviously you could but it really is a mature fragrance for special occasions. i have owned fcuk him and wore it one day and someone on the bus said to his friend, what smells like nit cream! then i realise i do smell like nit cream... steer clear. out of the remaining choices i personally would go with davidoff cool water. assuming you live in a hot climate, it would be refreshing and is a very nice scent whereas joop homme i think would be overbearing in humid conditions. i havent tried the rest so hopefully other members can help you more with them but i would go with cool water. hope i helped.

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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    You can't go wrong with Body Kouros. It would definitely be my favorite on that list. The only problem is that its more for winter wear - with heat and sweat it might get a bit stuffy down under at the moment.

    Cool water is nice but everyone wears it.

    For a really cheap every day option, check out your local K-Mart and get a bottle of 'Unjustified.' Yes its a knock-off of Unforgivable by Sean John, but I think it smells just as good, and lasts longer.

    Also I'd recommend checking out Priceline and Terry White; on occasion they have good sales. Actually, Priceline has a few at the moment - check out their catalog and website on-line (I'm going to get the 08 Ck One Summer this week if I find time)
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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Obsession for Men - meh
    Bvlgari BLV - meh
    Yves Saint Laurent Opium - toxically plastic oriental. No
    Kouros Body - very good, but not refreshing
    Dunhill Desire - meh
    Joop! Homme - might as well stick with Axe
    Yves Saint Laurent Jazz -my recommendation. YSL is reall a top house among designer scents. you may enjoy Live Jazz even more if you're looking for something heat-compatible
    Davidoff Cool Water -OK, but ever second scent today is a clone of it, so in a way it's ultra-boring and conservative
    FCUK Him - crap

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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Try Joop Jump too instead of Joop Homme (hated JH, loved JJ). On sale you can get them pretty cheap online or one time I got the JJ 100 ml for $50 at Priceline.

    Davidoff Cool Water I personally hate, but you may like it. It's a father to a lot of derivatives perfumes though

    PS you don't happen to refer to the regular "My Chemist"'s sale is it?

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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Welcome to the forums! I recently bougth Body Kouros blind and I really like it. Not sure if I would call it a safe blind buy, but from your list that would be my choice. good luck!

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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Thanks for your responses everyone, I'll remove the ones which haven't been recommended.
    Thanks Anthony about reminding me about the other stores such as Priceline and Terry White, I'll be sure to give them a look, and since I live near a Big W, which is quite similar to K-Mart I'll pop in and check if they have anything worthwhile.
    GourmandHomme, the chemist I'm referring to is 'Chemist Warehouse', you'll be able to find the sales on the front page of their website under Catalogue Specials.
    Again, thanks for posting everyone, and feel free to post more!

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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    I forgot about Joop! Jump. Jump is great, long-lasting and very 'lady friendly', but something in it gave me a headache (I really should re-try this one). Make sure you check out everything else, sometimes they have crazy bargains (I got 2 75 ml splash bottles of Thierry Mugler Cologne for 18$ a pop! For that price, you can actually use it as a 'splash on' )
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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Welcome to Basenotes Strafe!

    I'm loving the Body Kouros so that's my vote. Now, where do you find it under 50AUD?? Perhaps Live Jazz for the summer months though? Body Kouros can get a bit heavy.

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    Default Re: First Cologne... Chemist Sale!

    Quote Originally Posted by jillsy View Post
    ...Now, where do you find it under 50AUD??
    I saw it on the Chemist Warehouse website for $44.99, and that reminds me, all you Aussies reading this post, where do you purchase your frags?

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