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    Default What? Not another comparison

    Last week there was a thread comparing Coromandel and Borneo 1834. I thought I would offer another comparing Sycomore and Guerlain's Vetiver. I would like to keep comments to the two aformentioned if at all possible.

    I own both, like both and request comments as to what other BNers might think.



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    Default Re: What? Not another comparison

    Yes discuss please! I am hunting for a vetiver fragrance to love, but it is not Guerlain Vetiver. Haven´t tried Sycomore yet...
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    Racine is fantastic vetiver fragrance for people that are not hardcore vetiver lovers. Infinitely wearable, but still has the rawness of vetiver. Exceptionally well crafted scent, can't praise it highly enough. Original Vetiver for example is not really a vetiver fragrance in my books. It's agreeable and has a word vetiver in it's name, but just doesn't have the strong character vetiver should bring to a scent named after it.

    To not be off-topic, I'll chime in with comparison, just so that you can tell me they have nothing at all in common. I find Patou Pour Homme and Eau des Iles to be strikingly similar in feel.

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    Default Re: What? Not another comparison

    Comme de Garcons Vettiveru isn't bad either.
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