There are many more Fragrance houses and fragrance branches to other bussiness in Japan, other than Shiseido, here are some other houses, some of them i posted a list of missing scents over at the missing scents forum. On a different note, i can say that the vast majority of japanese frags either go into the huge world of soft, barely-there fruity florals to the sickeningly sweet (in general). A lot of the newest Alain Delon frags are created specifically for the japanese market as well.

& me.
Fragrances: Be mine, Diamond Dazzle (edt ,edp), Diamond Drop, Diamond Drop Glow (before Jlo!).

Fragrances: Very Sensuous Fairy, Sometimes with Secret, Very Sensuous, If Only, Sometimes During Summer ( ), Sometimes So Beauty, Sometimes in the Morning, Sometimes in the Evening, Sometimes Forever, Sometimes in the Future, Sometimes in the Heart, Ti Amo Te uomo(??), Ti amo Te Donna, Secret Desire, Sometimes with get the idea right?

Fragrances: too many to count, check out my posts on this house (missing frags forum).

Cotton Candy:
2 fragrances i know of: Cotton Candy and Cotton Candy Aqua.

about 6 frags.

ELLA MIKAO: (aka: ELAMikao)
makes the line Yujin, wich has about 10 scents.

Estelle De ValRose:
as with A.Y.P. this house has too many to count.

etc etc etc etc
So, in short Japan has more to offer than Shiseido, Kenzo, Miyake and Hanae Mori!