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    Default Santa Fe & PS by Paul Sebastian

    Several reviews of Santa Fe say it's similar to Caron's Third Man, which I've not tried so can't comment. But to me Santa Fe is similar to PS by Paul Sebastian; both have a prominent powdery vanilla (to my nose).

    Anyone else feel the same?

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    Default Re: Santa Fe & PS by Paul Sebastian

    My initial thought was that it smelled like a less spicy Obsession, but I suppose I can also understand the comparisons to Third Man. Santa Fe is certainly not in the same leage as Obsession or Third Man, but it is the best fragrance I've ever purchased for three dollars.

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    Default Re: Santa Fe & PS by Paul Sebastian

    Hmm now that you mention it, I have to try Obsession again for the comparison. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Santa Fe & PS by Paul Sebastian

    And you're making me feel like I overpaid @ $3.99. Gawd dim it

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